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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Thursday, 8:45 AM. 34 degrees, wind N, calm.  The sky is blue except for some haze over the lake. The roads have an accumulation of about .25” of ice from some fine wet snow that fell last night, and they are slippery but melting.  The road crew has been out sanding.
    Late yesterday the Republicans in the legislature sort of pulled a fast one on the AWOL Democrat Senators.  They stripped fiscal elements from the anti-union legislation, negating the need for a quorum in the senate.  The vote was scheduled to take place in two hours and notices and emails sent to all legislators, so that both houses could vote on the bill. Of course the AWOL senators were still in Illinois, although there had been anticipation they would return yesterday.  The Republicans simply got tired of being jerked around, to use the vernacular. Remember, the legislature is in session and all legislators are expected to be there. 
    Now that the bill has passed both houses the mob has returned with even greater fury, so great that police needed to escort Republican senators from the capitol.  Evidently they were actually encouraged to leave the city to ensure their safety.  I think it’s anybody's  guess what will happen today, and whether the mob will continue to hold democracy hostage. 
    This whole sorry situation is mainly the result of the Democrat senators deciding (how appropriate) to in effect go on strike rather than stay at work.  Well, strikes are typically nasty things, and it isn’t always the strikers who win.  One thing is for certain; everybody is playing for keeps now, and Wisconsin’s political, social and economic future hangs in the balance.
     If the Republicans and democracy win, the state has a chance to regain its economic and social primacy; if the Democrats and the union mobs win, I predict Wisconsin will go the way of Michigan; double digit unemployment, falling population and tax base, economic stagnation and rising crime rates.   Businesses will leave and new business will not come here, retirees and other citizens who can will flee the coming deluge of confiscatory taxes, and government and the unions will stifle whatever free enterprise is left. We are at the fork in the road.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you on all points except the last points. Wisconsin has double digit unemployment,it's just not reported. Businesses are leaving the State in numbers
    and taxes are already sky high. All of those things have happened if we can admit it or not?
    There is a laundry list of companies that have
    left or sold out in Milwaukee. M&I bank the latest to a Canadian Bank. I think the unemployment is grossly under counted, even more so in Northern Wisconsin Counties. With that said there are still good companies and we have cities that thrive even in bad recessions.