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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30/11 IF...



Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  23 degrees, wind S, calm.  The sky is clear with some haze.  The barometer predicts precipitation.
    The sap did run by midday, yesterday.  I collected about fifteen gallons of sap, and added to what should be collected this afternoon that will be enough for Andy to start boiling it down.  Almost every hanging bucket had an inch or two of ice floating in it, evidence of the weather still being quite cold. 
    Collecting sap can be pretty hard work, especially when the snow gets soft and one sinks up to the knees in many places while lugging a full five gallon bucket.  All in all I am pleased to be able to still do it, and my knees don’t hurt today at all, as is sometimes the case.
    We flushed two grouse wile walking down to the sugar shack.  They literally exploded from under my feet.  If it had been grouse season, and if I had gotten the twenty gage up, and if I had gotten the safety off, and if I had shot over each rising bird instead of under, we might have had grouse for dinner.

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