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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Sunday, 9:30 AM CST. 35 degrees F, wind SW, calm at present.  The sky is overcast with high, gray clouds except for a band of clear sky on the southeastern horizon.  The barometer predicts precipitation.  It is a quiet, gray day.
        This is a special Sunday, the first Sunday before the first Tuesday in November, so I am breaking what has been a rather iron-clad rule of my blog; no political commentary on Sunday.  It is a special Sunday because we are only hours now from one of the most important elections in the history of the United States of America.  Some have likened it to the election of 1860, which elected Abraham Lincoln, ignited the Civil War, and assured the end of slavery. 
        If some say that is a gross overstatement of the importance of this coming Tuesday, consider that we are offered a stark choice for the future of the country, a true fork in the road; to the left is the road to Socialism and Statism at least, to dependence on government largess and the deadening of personal freedom; to the right lies a course toward renewed freedom of opportunity  and individual liberty, and a diminished role for a bloated and oppressive government. 
        We have been pushed inexorably toward the left in the last four years.  Another four years on the present course and we will be firmly on that path to a grim, grim future.  A future of class warfare, stagnant economic growth, and crushing debt.  A future where the American spirit has been impoverished, demeaned and factionalized.  We are being tempted to sell our birthright of freedom and independence for a bowl of welfare pottage. 
        The path to the right is uphill, but it is straight and the goal at its end is clear; freedom.  Freedom to grow, to progress, perhaps to fail…but above and beyond all, the freedom to dream.  In other words, the goal is to reach America itself, the promised land our forefathers saw from distant shores and labored towards, long before we were born.
        The President said yesterday that his followers should cast their votes for revenge.  Governor Romney said in response that we should vote not for revenge, but for love of country.  Think about it.  Revenge and recrimination, or the American Dream.  It is a stark, clear choice.

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