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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tuesday, 8:00 AM.  22 degrees F, wind WSW, calm at ground level but white-gray clouds are moving fast at moderate elevation.  The sky is partly cloudy and clearing rapidly, and the barometer predicts sunny weather.  It was slippery walking and I stayed on the level.  Buddy lost his footing on a t urn or two and went sliding.
    Winter arrived yesterday with temperatures in the low to mid 20’s and snow, enough to cover the ground and stay there.  It doesn’t seem to bother Buddy, who generates a ton of heat running at full tilt.  But he is also perfectly happy now to come in the house and stay there.  Time to find his coat, as he has little of his own, particularly on his tummy, which is mainly pink skin after crashing endlessly through the underbrush.  The bears should be asleep by now so it is time to put up the bird feeders.
    We head south to Wausau and a regional meeting of city foresters right after breakfast.  Buddy will come along (Joan always travels with me also).  Depending on weather and road conditions we will see if there are any pheasants in the big McMillan Wildlife Area at Marshfield. We will at least try to check it out. I  have learned to take things in stride, and defer to conditions and common sense in most of my outdoor undertakings.  A somewhat belated attitude which I will attribute to the wisdom of experience, not the decrepitude of age.
    As far as General Petraeus’ fall from the CIA is concerned, I guess it should be self-evident that the Spy-In-Chief, the Big  Spook, the keeper of all the secrets, really should have been able to keep his girlfriend a secret.

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