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Friday, November 23, 2012


Friday, 9:30 AM.  24 degrees F, wind west, gale force at times.  Winter arrived yesterday evening in the form of a white-out blizzard that dumped at least 8” and perhaps more of slushy snow on Bayfield.  So that’s why the barometer was bottomed out for the past week!  The conifers are heavy laden, their branches groaning down to the ground.  The sun is trying to make a statement, but at the moment it is at a loss for words. Ominous black snow clouds still swirl high and low, and the barometer offers no hint of relief. 
        Our Thanksgiving dinner was a great success, food-wise and company-wise, but Joan and I were tuckered out by the time the leftovers were put away and the pots and pans washed.
        I had envisioned going hunting this morning in fresh tracking snow, had my clothes laid out and all, but won’t go anywhere until I finish shoveling the driveway.  If I go at all today or tomorrow, I doubt I will chance going all the way down the logging road to my tree stand, which is at the bottom of a steep hill.  If it got stuck there the truck might not be retrieved  until the spring thaw.

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