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Monday, November 5, 2012


Monday, 8:30 AM CST.  33 degrees, wind SW, calm. This morning is a repeat of yesterday morning, with high gray clouds covering the sky except for a small band of late dawn light on the southeastern horizon.  The barometer is still down.
        We have spent the last several days, and particularly yesterday, being even nicer than usual to folks we meet at the post office, on the street and at church, and they to  us.  It seems everyone wants politics to cool down a bit before the election, so that we are not immediately at each others throats again after it’s all over.  It is easy to let the rhetoric go over the top, and hard if not impossible to put it back in the bag.
        But we do, all of us, want to elect our candidate.  But of late it is hard to recognize the candidates and their respective roles.  One pundit said the other day that if he were a space alien dropped down from his spaceship he would not be able to correctly identify which candidate was the incumbent.  So much of the time now the President looks like the challenger and Romney looks like the president.  One looks tired and irritable, says small, mean things; the other looks in charge, presidential, and speaks in broadly  uplifting terms.  You be the judge, who is who? 
        Remember the old Abott and Costello comedy routine, Who’s On First, What’s On Second?  Maybe I Don't Know really is on third, and it will remain that wayt until sometime late tomorrow night, or maybe Wednesday, or perhaps sometime before Christmas.

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