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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Wednesday, 8;30 AM.  22 degrees F, wind W, calm at present, and if it weren’t it would be frigid.  The sky is overcast and it looks as though we will not see the sun much today.  In the Ojibwe language they say "Biiboon," (it is winter).  I really do believe my barometer is stuck and I will probably have to get a new one.
        The bird feeders have not enticed any bruins from their dens, and are attracting a lot of birds, mostly chickadees and nuthatches, we have seen nothing more uncommon as yet.
        Social commentary: I probably shouldn’t put my foot in this one but I can’t help it, and I will be pilloried for it I am sure. 
        The punditry is busy, busy, busy trying to analyze the  unfortunate murder/suicide committed by a Kansas City Chiefs football player.  A large amount of the discussion (some of it violent in and of itself) focuses on the so-called “gun culture,” upon bizarre accusations of a secret plot against black youth, and more seriously, railing against the Second Amendment right of citizens to own guns.    The National Rifle Association and everyday citizen gun owners are being demmonized, as though they were somehow responsible.  There is tragedy and blame enough to go around for the problem of violence in our society, and I am not going to try at this point to make any defense of anybody or anything in this all too common tragedy.
        But I will be so bold as to assign some blame.  I have heard a lot of different arguments and theories regarding “what went wrong” last Saturday, but one that I have not heard is the contributing, and  I think dominating, factor: life style.  Here were a very young man and woman, literally wallowing in money, living together and even having a child together, without making the most basic of commitments to each other, in the form of a marriage vow.  It seems neither made a formal moral or legal commitment to each other or to their child.  It appears that both came and went out of their home and each others lives as they pleased.  The murderer (let’s call him what he was) had another woman.  Love, sex, jealousy, hate, violence…this is an explosive scenario as old as humanity, repeated over and over, down through the millennia, irrespective of race, ethnicity or culture.  The gun was almost an innocent bystander.

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