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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Saturday, 9:30 AM.  38 degrees, wind northwest, light.  Humidity 85%, barometer 29.85.  the sky is overcast with high dark clouds. The sun is nowhere to be seen.  It is a dark, dismal morning, which even the crows seem to be complaining about.
        The tragedy at Sandy Hook is difficult for any parent or grandparent to process and it would be trite for me to try. I shall say that I can understand it only in the old, old way of thinking, which may not actually be so far from the truth  our modern minds may finally accept . Such horrors as we are witnessing these days are best described as pure evil, and logically evil must have a source.  Either the perpetrators of such base evil are actually possessed (does science have a better explanation?) by an external force,  or there is true evil inherent in every human being, which may under the right circumstances possess any of us.  Either case should give us pause to consider the evil each of us, having free will,  is capable of. 
        If one accepts the premise of “possession,” one might then ask what factors in our personal lives and in society aid and abet possession by evil?  I believe we can lay much of the blame on a handful of fundamentally negative influences in our modern lives: constant bombardment of children with sexual images and information that is way beyond their ability to cope; acceptance by society of every imaginable deviant behavior, under the aegis of personal liberty;  constant  immersion of all of us via the media in realistic, gratuitous violence; the confusion and search for love by children of broken homes; the acceptance and glorification of the drug culture; parents keeping children in an ongoing state of dependency well into adulthood, which breeds infantile feelings of inadequacy and puerile narcissism, and ultimately of rage as a young adult; and finally, the philosophical concept  that all morality is situational, with no firm absolutes. 
        What I have said is incomplete and of course patently politically incorrect, but it is time to draw back the curtain, and see things as they really are.  We are witnessing the dissolution of our society. 
        I fervently wish the President had called for a national day of prayer and mourning for not only the children of Sandy Hook, but for the nation. He has been visibly moved by this tragedy, but as yet seems incapable of being the wise and unifying leader we so desperately need.

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