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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thursday, 8:45 AM.  37 degrees F, wind WSW, light at present but with occasional strong gusts.  The sky is overcast with high gray clouds again, but yesterday turned out to be a nice sunny day so today may as well.  I hope so, because the chimney needs to be cleaned.  It is no longer drawing well, and that is a final, so to speak, warning. It is time to do so anyway, as I usually clean it fall, midwinter if we have a thaw, and spring.
        The tundra swans just keep on migrating through, I wonder if anyone has made any kind of a rough count in Ashland, where they congregate on the bay.  Yesterday there were only a few at 11:00 AM and at 1:00 PM there were probably fifty.  As far as I could see, they were all white feathered adults, no dusky colored young.  That must have been a flock which had poor a poor nesting season.  I wish we could have seen them arriving, as they are magnificent in flight.
        California is deconstructing;  taking itself apart piece by piece.  I have been watching it happen for some years now…punitive taxes, every restriction on business imaginable, high unemployment, social chaos, billion dollar railroads to nowhere, and systematic destruction of the world’s finest agricultural industry.  And to top it off, if you haven’t seen it, now there is a cartoon produced by the California teachers’ union (obviously meant for children or child-like adults) which culminates in a cartoon rich person pissing on cartoon poor people.  Nothing subtle about California class warfare.
        I have, or had, a lot of relatives in California.  Of four maternal uncles, three made their way to the “Golden State” by Model T in the 1920’s, and three uncles eventually settled and raised their families there.  The opportunities were great, everyone made money and did well, one even became what the Democrats now classify as “rich.”  Oranges and pomegranates and almonds grew in their back yards.  The oil wells were everywhere. California was an earthly Paradise.
         Those days are fast diminishing, if not already gone, and California is no longer golden and the descendants of my pioneering uncles have begun leaving to find jobs in colder climes, themselves victims of a self-destructive society.
        If I were God, I would rethink the whole idea of letting human beings into heaven.  I would have St. Peter shut those golden gates posthaste.

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