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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Saturday, 8:45 AM.  19 degrees F, up from 10 degrees an hour ago. Wind W, calm at ground level. The barometer stands at 30.12 in., the humidity is 83%.  The sun rose in a clear sky this morning, announcing its arrival with a soft orange glow that suffused everything with its warm presence.  Now the sky is mostly cloudy with countless small, puffy white clouds.  The eastern horizon is  pink, suffused with broad streaks of gray and mauve.  It was cold enough earlier that I put Buddy’s jacket on him, but he really didn’t seem to need it as he madly ran up and down the road and through the woods.
        By the time you read this, the ex-Marine, Jon Hammar, who has been confined to the toughest prison in Mexico for months for crossing the US /Mexico border with an antique shotgun he had been told was legal to bring with him, will have been released by the Mexican authorities.  Not much  thanks to Barack and Hillary, I might add.
        Mexico has some of the world’s most  restrictive gun laws; make that weapons laws, in the world.  The US border crossing at Tijuana tells US citizens not to enter Mexico with so much as a small pocket knife, as all “deadly weapons” are illegal to carry, transport, or in most cases even possess in one’s own home.  And yet we all know how unsafe it is in Mexico these days, the average citizen caught in a literal crossfire between the drug cartel gangs, common criminals and a corrupt and oppressive government.
        And, as Corporal Hammar can attest, penalties for weapons possession are so severe that one can easily spend half a life-time in prison for a simple violation.  The criminals and the police of course can transgress these laws with impunity, courtesy of the corrupt Mexican legal and penal system.  The Mexican constitution has no Second Amendment guarantee that ordinary people may possess and bear arms, nor do many  other countries around the globe.  In fact the first act of dictators of both the right and the left is to confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens.  And the average individual can pretty much forget about hunting for food and sport.  That is a tradition reserved almost exclusively for the wealthy and the noble or political classes.  You can even pretty much add Great Britain to that list as well.
        So when you hear the anti-gun rhetoric of the far left in this country, think of Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia (and unfortunately merry old England), and soberly consider what  you want for yourself and your heirs in the way of self-protection from criminals and dictators. 
        And think seriously about whether you want the high powered computers of the federal government to keep track of your legally purchased and owned weapons, ready at a mouse-click to inform the Jack-booted authorities where and how you live and what resources you have to protect  your home, family and business. Or consider the equally devastating opposite, available to cops and robbers alike; which homes and businesses have no guns,  and can therefore be invaded with impunity.
        By the way, it seems the goons always end up wearing Jack-boots; I guess it has something to do with the sartorial mystique of the oppressor.

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