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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Saturday, 7:45 AM.  12 degrees F at the house, 6 degrees F downtown.  Wind NW, calm.  The sky is blue except for a few clouds on the eastern horizon.  The barometer stands at 30.42 in., the humidity is    84%.  It is a nice winter day.
   Well,  the sequestration is actually having an effect!  Several thousands of illegal aliens have been summarily released from jails around the country to save detention costs.  I suppose it would have been too easy a solution to simply send them home.
   All the while, President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano claim the deed was done by lower authority and like Sargent Schultz of the old sitcom Stalag 17, say "I know nothing! Nothing!" The president should be impeached, and the Secretary fired.  Or perhaps like the illegals, sent back to where they each came from as the easier solution.  I know the Secretary came from Arizona.  I'm not so sure where to send  Mr. Obama.
   In the meantime they could release some illegal aliens up here in Bayfield to give the obviously bored ICE Agents hereabouts something to do rounding them up again.  Sort of a "catch and release" program.  Just like fishing.  Release them to have the fun of catching them all over again. A good federal work project.  Released often enough and long enough the illegal aliens may get to be bigger and bigger trophies, just like our steelhead salmon. "Sorry, not big enough,  throw 'em back so they can grow!"
  For additional commentary and photos, just search above for past "border patrol" and "illegal aliens" blogs.

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