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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (without any funny cigarettes)

Wednesday, 9:00 PM.  About 16 degrees in Austin, MN.  We had a pretty good trip to Madison yesterday to Wausau, and it went downhill from there, being wintry and very slippery by the time we got in.  Of course my winter boots were up at the front of the truck bed, and the snow scraper in the trunk under the truck bed.  But today's Urban Forest Council meeting today went well and I gained excellent support for my efforts to obtain a federal tree planting grant for the Chequamegon Bay communities.
   We drove for several hours this afternoon to get some miles toward Denver.  The weather looks good from here west as we cross the plains on I90 and then south on US83 to North Platte, NE.  I90 in west central Wisconsin through the Driftless Area (absence of Pleistocene glaciation) and the river bluff country of the Black and Mississippi Rivers is beautiful.  I was driving so didn't take any photos.
  Tomorrow we will go through the huge Rose Bud Sioux reservation and will remember to take pictures.  I feel like Willie Nelson, "On The Road Again," but without the funny cigarettes

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