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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sunday,  7:50 AM MDT.  21 degrees F, wind calm. The sky is clear. Barometer 30.21 in., humidity 75%.
   We were caught in a quintessential storm coming out of the southwestern mountains.  It is not as bad as some we have experienced in Denver, but it will suffice.  There was less than a foot of snow.  It seems that things were pretty well shut down and most everyone stayed off the streets yesterday but all will be back to normal today.
   On the political front, Colorado is in the midst of a contentious battle over  gun legislation, Democrats proposing, Republicans opposing.  The main issues are creating gun free college campuses, restricting magazine capacities and enhanced state registration laws.  Republicans counter by asking for tougher mental health laws.  It looks like a draw between urban areas seeking more control and rural areas with a long Western tradition of gun ownership, and most likely nothing much will change except perhaps the adoption of symbolic measures.
   When I say that gun bans don't stop people determined to create havoc with a gun, and our daughter Eva the school teacher counters with, "You can't have college dorms  populated by a lot of gun-toting eighteen year olds,"I have to agree she wins that part of the argument.
   I have noticed an elemental change in family  life, a progression actually, that started long ago.  The first families gathered around the camp fire.  Then the fireplace and eventually the kitchen stove.  Then came the radio and finally the TV as communication nodes.  Now everyone sits together each with their own laptop computers, which creates a rather silent atmosphere.  We have come full circle in the latter regard.  Perhaps someday we will learn to actually talk to each other again as in the days before all the technological intrusions.

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