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Monday, March 4, 2013


Monday, 8:45 AM.  21 degrees F, wind NW, calm.  Barometer 30.21 in., humidity 85%.  The sky is cloudless but hazy.  It was a very quiet, subdued sunrise and early morning.  We may get some snow.
The woods at the top of Old Military Road were not quiet, as several little downy woodpeckers were pounding out their Morse Code messages.  It's amazing what  a lot of racket  such diminutive creatures can make.
   The Xcel Energy power plant in Ashland, that runs one of its three boilers on biomass, purged vapor straight up into the calm atmosphere yesterday.  The lower Sioux River was almost free of ice on Friday but yesterday it was frozen over again.
   We are pretty well packed and only have a few odds and ends to do before we leave tomorrow morning, first stop Madison, WI for an Urban Forestry Council meeting at the capitol and visits with our area state representative and senator (I always get lost in the rabbit warren of offices).  Then it is on to Denver to visit Doug, Eva and grandkids Nick and Katie for a few days and then to Texas and Dutch, Leslie and little Allison.  We hope the weather holds going across the plains, but it looks like we will get to Colorado before the next storm blows in from the Four Corners.  I plan to blog during our perambulations so check in to see whether we are doing anything of interest.  As usual, we will write mostly about weather, wildlife, scenery and things of cultural interest and try not to brag about the grandkids too much.

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