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Friday, April 15, 2016


Friday, 8:00 AM.  48 degrees F at the ferry dock, 50 on the back porch.  Wind SW, calm with light gusts. The sky is clear with some haze in the east.  The humidity is 63% and the barometer is more or less steady, currently at 30.12".  Rain showers are predicted for Sunday night.  It is a warm, soft and quiet spring morning
   A trip to Duluth is an all day commitment, any way one does it.  We left before 9:00 AM and got back around 4:00, including Joan's appointment and a stop for lunch at The Pickwick Club, an ancient landmark restaurant in Duluth that has great food and atmosphere.
   Not much to report about spring as yet along Hwy. 2, except for shrub willow branches coloring up red-orange, along with red-osier dogwood branches, and aspen buds and tag alder catkins swelling.  All in all one can see spring creeping up, but little evidence that is able to be photographed.
   We did see a number of bald eagles, mostly flying high.
   Signs of spring were rare indeed, but this morning is glorious.

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