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Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Thursday, 8:00 AM.  38.5 degrees F at the ferry dock, 35 on the back porch.  Wind NE, calm with strong gusts.  The sky is mostly cloudy with a high overcast.  The humidity is 68%, the barometer 30.16" and more or less steady.  There is a chance of rain today, but cool and dry is the forecast for the next seven days.  The NE winds still blow.
   The Nor'easter continued yesterday, the wind unabated but without rain, and that created a great opportunity for a parakiter in Ashland, who sailed back and forth across the end of Lake Superior's Chequamagon Bay.
   It takes a lot of wind to propel a person through the surf, then lift him high into the air at the end of a run.  This sportsman was very agile and in control, skimming close to rocks on shore.  It looks safe enough, if the hazards below the surface of the water are known; hitting a submurged  object would not be pleasant.   The water temperature is probably less than 40 degrees F, and an unconscious body would be quickly subject to hypothermia.
   But it sure looks like fun!

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