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Friday, April 22, 2016



Friday, 7:00 AM.  35 degrees F at the ferry dock, 34 on the back porch.  Wind NE, calm with occasional moderate gusts.  The sky is overcast and the humidity is 86%. The barometer is steady, at 30.24".  Rain is predicted for Sunday,and snow on Monday.
   The Washburn ambulance came through Bayfield with sirens sounding and lights flashing last night, its destination the Bayfield emergency equipment garage.  They were holding a joint drill.
   We are leaving a bit later this morning for Oconomowoc (outskirts of Milwaukee) for the 80th birthday party of my oldest (still living) friend, Bill Peebles.  We were in the Army Reserves together and have hunted geese and pheasants together off and on for sixty years.There will be no posts for a couple of days.
   Some things just go together, like, you know, bacon and eggs, or toast and jelly, boy and girl, or...Forsythia and heather.
   Forsythia X intermedia, in the Oleaceae, the Olive Family, and heather, Calluna vulgaris, in the Ericaceae, the Heath Family are one of those combinations.  The former is a hybrid of several  Asiatic species, the latter European, but they are an absolutely natural pair.  The heather begins blooming a week or two before the Forsythia.  Last spring the two were blooming together about a week earlier than this year, even though this winter was far milder than last.  Go figure.
   Look for the plants growing together on the corner of 9th and Washington Ave.

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