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Tuesday, December 20, 2016



Tuesday, 7:45 AM.  28 degrees F at the ferry dock, 23 on the back porch.  Wind WSW, gusty.  The sky is cloudy and overcast, the humidity 79%.  The barometer is rising, and currently stands at 29.59".  The forecast calls for temperature highs in the upper twenties and a wintry mix of weather the next ten days, starting with several inches of snow tomorrow.
   Buddy's cough is almost gone, but it returns when he is outside in the frigid atmosphere, so we will continue his medication and his short, necessary arctic expeditions a while longer.  The weather did warm up considerably yesterday, but it became so windy that one could hardly feel the difference.
   It's easy to be up before first light these mornings, as I was yesterday, when I took this photo of the first ferry of the day plying the cold, dark waters of the channel. A few minutes after that I was greeted by a glorious, fiery dawn.  Both events were well worth getting out of a warm bed to witness.
The Electoral College Results
   The results of the Electoral College voting are in, and Donald Trump did have two defectors, reducing his vote total from 306 to  304;  but Hillary Clinton lost five votes, reducing her total from 232 to 227.  Are we done now?
   The election is now officially over, after the Left blatantly calling the purpose of the Electoral College into question. Without it, California would choose Michael Moor as President  of the United States of America.  Anyone for that?
   To top off the ridiculousness, Bill Clinton, the self-pronounced "first black president," blamed Hillary's loss on the votes of "angry white men."  The Big Dog should know that folks are not likely to vote for someone who demeans and degrades them by calling them deplorable and unredeemable, along with a whole litany of even worse insults.
   Where, oh where, has the Democratic Party of my parents gone?

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