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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Saturday, 8:45 AM.  31 degrees F at the ferry dock, 27 on the back porch.  Wind variable with light gusts.  The sky is overcast and cloudy, and a few snow flakes are falling.  The humidity is 84% and the barometer has started to fall, now at 30.32" of mercury.  The next ten days will be similar, with temperatures in the teens and twenties, overcast skies and rain or snow showers.  Yuck!  Where's the sun?  This is as bad as Ohio, where we lived sans sol for five years (loved Ohio otherwise, though).
   I have mentioned before that Buddy needs to be taken for an actual run every few days, or he will take the opportunity to sneak off and go solo.  Can't say as I blame him, but it is annoying.
   When he takes off he heads straight to a neighbors place up the street to chase chipmunks in their woodpile, and that's usually where I find him.  He won't come when called when on his mission, but he will come running happily, tail wagging,  to my whistle, which I have to have handy.  No use in getting angry about all of this, as that might make him not come at all.
    Anyway, we went for a run at the beach yesterday late afternoon but it got dark so quickly I had to substitute a photo from a few posts ago. The point of all this is to quote again from my favorite outdoor book, "The Old Man and the Boy," by Robert Rouark.
   The Old Man is saying how he can tell what a hunter hunts by what he watches.  
   "The duck hunter watches the sky." 
   "The deer hunter watches the openings."
   "The bird hunter watches the dog."
   I watch the dog.
   You probably are aware that Wisconsin's nearly three million votes cast in the election are being recounted, not for any substantive reason, but because Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton claim it as" their right. "
   That's sort of like saying it is my right to drive 25 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone just to aggravate all those behind me.  Well, so be it.
   But their realpolitic reason for the recount is not to aggravate but to invalidate, since they thought they could keep Wisconsin from getting its votes recounted (by hand) by the December 13th deadline to participate in the electoral college, and thereby deny Wisconsinites their 10 electoral  votes.  
   Luckily, a Dane County Circuit Court judge declared that each county could decide for itself whether to recount by hand or by scanner, so their plot to disenfranchise us cheese heads was foiled, as most counties opted to use scanners (of course the Maoists in Madison demanded a hand count in Dane County).
   The recount has been a petulant, childish and abusive tactic, foisted on the good people of Wisconsin by these left wing sore losers.  
   I don't think the voters of Wisconsin will soon forget what they tried to do.

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