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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Wednesday, 8:30 AM.  75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. 19 degrees F at the ferry dock, 12 on the back porch.  Wind SW, constant, with very strong gusts.  The sky is overcast and it is snowing lightly; serious flakes driven by the wind.  The humidity is 84%, the barometer rising, now at 29.81" of mercury.  The next ten days are predicted to be more of the same; cold, overcast with snow showers.  We slid into winter, and  it will be a long time before we slide back out.
   It was very windy again yesterday, the lake angry, beautiful and wild.

Art Ode

When I was a kid
My father, of Lake Michigan
A Nor'easter will last three days

Here on the  Lake called Superior
The Ojibwe's  Gitche Gume
Hawthorne's Big Sea Shining Water
The winds blow fierce,  dangerous, forever
and a Nor'easter lasts three days

'Twas a wild, November
that doomed the Edmond Fitzgerald
that sank it with all of its hands
deep  in the belly of the monster

The lake, it is told
has a heart that's too cold
to ever give up its dead
As old lake captains say
'bout the storm that sad day
'twas a Nor'easter that lasted three days

Footnote: Sorry, couldn't help myself

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