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Saturday, December 31, 2016


POLAR BEAR Google Photo

Saturday, 9:00 AM,  23 degrees F both at the ferry dock and on the back porch.  Wind NW, light with stronger gusts.  The sky is mostly overcast but with patches of blue, and there are massive dark snow clouds on the eastern horizon that seem to be moving mostly westward.  The humidity is 86% and the barometer is rising slowly at present, currently at 29.74". We are in a warming trend for several days, with heavy snow  predicted for Monday and Tuesday, after which the temperature will fall to the single digits and it will remain overcast.
   We still haven't seen any snowmobiles on Chequamagon Bay and that is a very good thing.  Maybe the incident of the ten fishermen having to be rescued from the ice flow last week has muted some of their ambitions.  In any case, these two were a long long way out on the ice off Ashland, gettng plenty of exercise and fresh air.  From a distance it looked like they were being followed by a bear or a big dog as they dragged a sled behind them.
   We have plenty of black bears, but the last polar bear sighting reported on the  Bayfield peninsula was in 8021 BC.    Hudson's Bay, directly north of us a bit,  has a population of the beasts, and I hear they have been seen migrating south this winter in search of food, so who knows when they may show up.
   I don't know anything about any fish.


When ice fishermen fish
they mostly catch ice
A whitefish or trout,
now that would be nice

But when out on the Bay
be very aware
And alwaus keep looking,
for that white polar bear

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