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Friday, December 10, 2010

12/10/10 DOGS IN CHINA


Friday, 8:30 AM.  19 degrees, wind WNW, light but picking up.  The sky is overcast and there are a few snowflakes falling.  We got 4"-5” of snow in the last 24 hours, and it looks like a storm is developing on the NW horizon.
    Be careful how well you treat your dog, they cannot be trusted to keep it in perspective! Now that Lucky is pretty well back to normal, I am trying to get him to eat his usual diet of dog food and select table leftovers, but he indicates he would really prefer yogurt well fortified with boiled hamburger.  And, he would also really like it to be fed to him one spoonful at a time, accompanied by coaxing praises.    I have explained to him that there are dogs in China who not only don’t get dinner, they are dinner, but that seems to go right over his head.  Maybe he will have to go a little bit hungry for a while until he realizes his days of special treatment are over.
    Joan has sent for a dogie overcoat for him for Christmas, so he will keep warm on our walks.  I am not at all sure that was a good idea.

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