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Sunday, December 12, 2010


                                                            SANTA ON THE FERRY
                                         WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?
                                        I KNOW WHO'S BEEN NAUGHTY AND NICE!
                                                SANTA ARRIVES WITH A "THUMP"
                                      A ROUGH TRIP FOR SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS
                                          STILL ROUGH OUT THERE THIS MORNING
Sunday, 9:30 AM.  11 degrees, up from 8 degrees earlier. Wind NE, strong at times.  The sky is partly overcast and trying to clear, the channel is roiled by white caps, but the barometer is up and it is no longer snowing.  Joan and I went out to dinner last night to the Steak Pit in Washburn because nearer restaurants were closed, and it was a to rough trip in the Nor’easter, but  I have to say that the Chevy truck with automatic four wheel drive and ABS is a wonderful winter vehicle.
    After our trip to the recycle center yesterday morning in the blizzard, Joan, Lucky and I went to the Pavilion (Lucky stayed in the truck) to watch Santa arrive on the ferry.  He was scheduled to arrive at 11:30  but the boat had a rough passage across the channel and was considerably late. His reindeer unfortunately got seasick. It the meantime we all, kids and parents and grandparents, had cookies, snacks, hot chocolate and hot cider in the pavilion.  Eventually the ferry made it through the breakwater and docked with a thump right outside, and everyone bundled up to greet him and Mrs. Santa (actually Mr. And Mrs. Robert Hanson of the Winfield Inn).  They are former show people, and put on a great act, with Santa singing and dancing in the pavilion before taking kids on his knee to find out what they wanted for Christmas. His rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town” made every child decide to be nice rather than naughty. It was a great experience, and probably one of the few times and places Santa Claus comes to town by water.

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