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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12/15/10 SMOKE


Wednesday, 9:00 AM.  7 degrees, and much warmer in the sun and up from 2 degrees earlier.  The sky is crystal clear except for lake smoke over the channel, great gray clouds of steam crowned with an apricot glow, which are rising a thousand feet into the air.  The wind is WNW, calm.  The barometer is down, announcing an approaching low and possible storm.
    The frozen, snowy roads squeaked audibly under foot.  The air was crisp and clean.  The lake smoke will continue to rise each morning until the water begins to freeze.  Of course if conditions are right the lake smoke will blow over land and precipitate as lake effect snow.  If winds remain calm we may get ice forming near shore and around Madeline Island.  We are normally warmer than inland, and Hayward, an hour southwest, probably was well below zero last night.  Winter has arrived early and with a vengeance, but it is palatable if one but appreciates its frigid beauty.  The birds haven’t left the warmth of the conifer boughs as yet this morning. All creatures want to stay in bed when it is cold.

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