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Saturday, December 11, 2010


                                                 WITH THE WIND AT OUR BACKS
Saturday, 9:00 AM.  22 degrees, wind NE, right off the lake, moderate with stronger gusts.  It is snowing fairly heavily, fine, icy pellets.  The barometer is up so we may not get a full-fledged blizzard, but right now it looks pretty likely.
    Lucky and I took our usual walk this morning, into the teeth of the blizzard the first half, with the storm at our backs on the return.  It felt good, as we were on the verge of becoming hothouse plants.  The yak tracks were a plus.
    Joan watches the bird feeders more than I do, and she says there were hundreds of birds, all the usual suspects, stoking up the last two days.
    We have several weeks of recyclables and bagged garbage to take to the recycle center this morning, and we want be on hand to welcome Santa to town at the Pavilion at 11:30.  He and Mrs. Santa will arrive on the ferry.

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