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Thursday, February 11, 2016



Thursday, 10:00 AM.  8 degrees F at the ferry dock, 9 on the back porch.  The wind is WSW, mostly calm with moderate gusts.  The sky is mostly overcast and the humidity 77%.  The barometer is falling somewhat, and is now at 30.37".  We should have a few more cold days and then moderate warming, with no snow, next week.
   Buddy and I are both staying out of the cold.  He with a very bad cough that seems to be a recurring ailment every winter, and I with a nagging sinus condition.  We have not been out and about as much a usual and have less in the way of outdoorsy news to report.  So we will fall back on some political commentary.
   According to the news, a superpac has been created that will not support any candidate, but has as its goal "to destroy Donald Trump."  This is exactly the wrong thing to do, for two reasons:
  1.  It is evidently too late in the evolution of American politics to have a fully positive campaign, but to be purposely and only negative, without advocating anything  constructive, sinks the political process to a new low, when we all thought it not possible go lower.
   2. It will more than likely backfire, and draw ever more of the electorate, most of whom consider themselves disenfranchised, abandoned and abused, to The Donald, who will skillfully transfer the insults hurled at him to them, and they will elect him their champion.
   The people who are behind this superpac, and perhaps the rest of us, will likely live to regret their actions.
   It is a very bad idea.

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