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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Saturday, 9:30 AM . 45 degrees F at the ferry dock, 42 on the back porch.  Wind variable directions, with moderate gusts.  The sky is cloudy but clearing, the humidity low, at 56%.  The barometer is steady at 29.62", and snow is predicted for tomorrow.  But this morning is beautiful
   Thursday night's Republican "debate" on CNN was yet another disaster for the unwitting party and its candidates.  CNN baited them into arguing and attacking each other in a disgusting display of stupidity and childishness.  Poor Ben Carson had to resort to pleading, "Would somebody please attack me?" because he was left out of the discourse for so long.  Sensible, rational  (and therefore boring by comparison) Kasich was left in almost as bad a place.  In all, little of real merit was discussed and much bad temper and poor logic was displayed.
   These entertainment shows (that's all they are) are not debates in any true sense of the word.  A debate has a topic, and a set time for each proponent or opponent to make their case, and each in turn has a set time for one rebuttal.  That's it.
   Participants continually grabbed extra time, shouting, interrupting, talking over each other and hurling schoolyard insults (i.e...your mama wears combat boots...).  The moderator should have shut their microphones off numerous times.  Posturing, shouting and making faces and mock threats should be left to barroom arguments, not to a formal presentation of policies before the American people and the world.  The  Democratic debates are no better. As an electorate we have lost both our brains and our dignity. 
   These "debates" are nothing but middle school food fights.

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