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Saturday, February 13, 2016



Saturday, 8:45 AM.  -3 degrees F at the ferry dock,  -2 on the back porch.  Wind calm and variable.  The sky is partly cloudy with scattered clouds.  The humidity is 74% and the barometer 30.60" and beginning to fall.  It did not get as cold as predicted last night and it looks like we will be warming up some for the next week, with little precipitation.
   The record high for this date was 49 degrees in 1976.  The record low was -25 degrees in 1271.
   Buddy still has a bad cough so we have only been sticking our noses out of our den.  We aren't either of us a hibernating hibernating species but we have come close.  It will be good to get us back to normal activity.
    I have started to go to the Bayfield Recreation Center and use the treadmill and the New Step to try to get back to where I was before we left for Texas.  Fridays are free for seniors, and there are various price options for other days.  Joan and I will probably opt for the daily rate for seniors of $4.90.  I think two days a week (one paid, one free) should be sufficient.
   We have a litttle "gardening angel" in the herb garden. 
   She looks frozen.

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