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Monday, February 22, 2016


Monday, 7:30 AM.  27 degrees F at the ferry dock, 15 on the back porch. The sky is overcast but clearing, the humidity 89%.  The barometer is at 30.28" and falling, predicting snow showers tomorrow.  My Yak Traks (tire chains for boots) are kaput, so later today I will go to the Army and Navy Store in Ashland and get a new pair so we can do some walking on the icy roads.
   But for now, we have a Bayfield Tree Board meeting this morning.  We will discuss spring planting and how best to introduce Bayfield's new Heritage Tree Program.
   Yesterday turned out to be a quiet Sunday without much to do, the weather nasty and the roads slippery with ice covered by a dusting of new snow.  Friends Tina and Jon went fishing Saturday and had some luck, so they dropped off a nice lake trout that we had for Sunday dinner, a real treat, fresh from the icy waters of Gitche Gume.   
   Buddy and I got restless yesterday afternoon and went to the beach, where we found Friendly Valley Road to be covered with about six inches of ice.  We got enough fresh air to satisfy ourselves and called it a day, being careful not to slide the truck into the ditch.
    In a black and white world, It's a good thing Buddy has spots.

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