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Sunday, February 7, 2016



Sunday, 8:30 AM.  31 degrees F at the ferry dock, 28 on the back porch.  Wind SSW, calm with light to moderate gusts.  The sky is overcast and cloudy, the humidity 93%.  The barometer is at 29.57"and momentarily steady.  It is beginning to snow again.
   We had a surprise visit from a niece and her friend yesterday and we went to Maggie's for dinner.  Joan and I hadn't been there in a long while and we had really good burgers with all the trimmings.  The iconic eatery is a must for visitors, and is often the only restaurant open in the winter.
   Joan and I watched the Republican debates again last night.  We are all debated out, having watched the debates of both parties.  My succinct impressions of the candidates:

   Trump: capable but crude. Would drop the F bomb on Putin, get a missile in return.
   Cruz: great debater, but a  right-wing sourpuss.
   Rubio: inexperienced but silver-tounged (a Republican rendition of Obama).
   Carson:  Could make a fortune performing brain transplants on politicians.
   Christie: aggressive, and smart about everything except closing the George Washington      Bridge.
   Bush: Barbara would get my vote.
   Kasich: saved Ohio, could save the country.
   Fiorina: the country's evidently not ready for a woman candidate smarter than the men. 

   Clinton: "What difference does it make now?" Not much, she's through.
   Sanders:  It's a good thing high school sophomores can't vote.
   Biden: "He's too old to cut the mustard any more."

There you have it.  I don't answer polls.


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