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Friday, January 13, 2017


Saturday, 8:27 AM.  Ten degrees F at the ferry dock, 8 on the back porch.  Wind SW, calm with occasional light gusts. The sky is clear, the humidity down to 69%.  The barometer stands at 30.53" and is falling slowly, the predictions changed from snow to something less for Tuesday, with temperatures around 30 thereafter.
   Today will be very busy; first order of business will be Buddy returning from his vacation.  We hope he had a good time, but not so good that he wants to stay at friend Dan's in Washburn, where he has undoubtedly been living the Life of Riley, with no chores to do or schedule to maintain.
   Then there will be recycles and garbage to take to the BRB, with Dan's help.  And the house to clean, with Deb's help. And the mail to pick up and sort through.   How many folks does it take to keep these two old (you name it) going? A whole lot right now, I am afraid.  Sure hope we straighten out and fly right before long.
  Speaking of which: with nothing else to do waiting for the surgeon on Wednesday morning we watched the Senate confirmation hearings for Sec. of State nominee Rex Tillerson.  One would have thought it a lengthy proceeding  to honor the senators instead. 
   Senator Claghorn, a Republican, spoke long enough to put one to sleep, then came Senator Foghorn, a Democrat, both evidently seeking  the nomination for President some day. I and me were the operative pronouns. Eventually Republican Senator Rubio, obviously not ever wishing to be President, did his best to sabotage the nominee, who managed to keep awake and composed during the entire nine hour ordeal.

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