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Sunday, January 22, 2017



Sunday, 8:30 AM.  35 degrees F at the ferry dock, 32 on the back porch.  Wind variable, with light to moderate gusts.  The sky is again cloudy and overcast, with considerable fog, the humidity 96%.  The barometer is rising slowly, currently at 29.68".  We are pretty much in a holding pattern; rainy, overcast, foggy, with slightly declining temperatures.
   I should lay low regarding the women's march on Washington and elsewhere, but I am honestly mystified by much of what has been reported, and need some answers.  So, this turkey will stick its head out of the cage and probably get it shot off.
   First, Joan has been no help at all, claiming to be as mystified as I am.  It wouldn't be the first time she lied to me.
   Second, to my daughters, who may or may not have marched anywhere, and whom owe me a phone call anyway:  help me out here in terms even I can understand.
   I am mystified by the lack of specificity in the demands, or better put, in the multiplicity of demands, many of them in conflict with each other, which makes it difficult to acquiesce to any of them, even if one wished to do so.
   "What do we want?"
   "When do we want it?"
See what I mean?
   And then there are the obvious contradictions, such as the women who profess to love their children... except those they wish to kill.  Oh well, we live in a pick and chose society.  Not that I am necessarily or  irretrievably against Roe V Wade which is, as they say, settled law, but I see no difference whatsoever between late term abortions and infanticide, which is murder.  And pro life women were not allowed to join the women's march.  Go figure.
   Another contradiction is what language a man may use and what language a woman may use. President Trump was tricked into using foul and abusive language many years ago that was captured on tape and then dragged out later to discredit him.  Gee, I am glad no one ever (I hope) taped obscene things I may have said years ago, or any man for that matter.  Not that women are any more discrete in private than are men. And those who say they are, are naive at best, as revealed by the conversations I secretly taped of a bachelorette party some years ago.  I am sure I still  have them around somewhere.
    "#$%*, you @#$%*!,   stop using such  @#$%*  foul language!"
Maybe we should all clean up our acts.
   Which brings me to another point:  Madonna and her compatriots are nothing but sexual predators, enticing others to do obscene things through their performances, on stage and off.  Old fashioned  strip joint fare was pretty mild by comparison.  They want  men, and even some women to watch,  and be mortally tempted, but not fact, you dare not even talk about touching! Anything at all for a buck, no better than prostitutes, who of course need understanding and equal pay.
   One more thing.  Women could stop all violence if they were unified enough to deny men sex for a week, maybe two.  Wars across the globe would cease, peace prevail...the oceans might even cease to rise.
    Women, however, are evidently  incapable of achieving solidarity in that matter, so little is likely to ever change.

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