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Friday, January 6, 2017


Saturday, posted Friday evening.
   We are leaving for Milwaukee early, where Joan will attend Niece Emily's baby shower on Sunday.  Joan is recovering from carpel tunnel surgery on both hands and it may be a challenging trip, but she does not want to miss being with her family.
   Buddy is on vacation at a friends home in Washburn, and we hope he will actually want to come back home after he gets spoiled for a week (I have shoulder replacement on my injured left arm on Wednesday).  This getting older business is getting complicated, but we will press on.
The Chicago "Hate Crime" 
   As regards the four Chicago black young people accused of hate crimes in the bizarre torture of a mentally deficient young white man posted on Facebook (you can't make something like this up):  if convicted as charged they would spend the rest of their lives in jail.
   Here is a case of a mentally deficient victim, and four equally mentally deficient defendants that are accused of an  absurd "hate crime."
   A jury of the defendants' peers in this case would by definition be of equal mental deficiency.  I don't know about a judge, but the society which spawned these idiots is obviously of questionable mental ability as well. 
   The whole sorry incident is like looking in a fun house mirror and recognizing oneself as a familiar figure, but grossly distorted. 
   Drugs, mental illness, gangs, death cults posing as religions, total amorality... these are misshapen  mirrors that produce a carnival reflection of the greater society.  If society does not break the fun house mirrors, there can be no end to these absurdities.
   If convicted, the defendants will spend decades in prison at taxpayer expense.  I propose all involved, perpetrators and so-called victim, be turned out on the streets of Chicago, where they will not last until next summer.  Case closed.


  1. Why would you put the "so-called victim" on the "streets of Chicago?" In addition to the hate crimes charge, the four were charged with aggravated kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. I understand (or think I understand) your point about the hate crime charge but this young man was also kidnapped, held against his will and basically tortured. How does that make him a "so-called victim"?

    1. He was friends with one of his detainers. His parents dropped him off for a weekend of fun. Is no one ever responsible for their actions? I am very suspicious of the entire hate crime hate crime subject. In my estimation a crime is a crime, a sentence a sentence, and there should always be a chance for a judicious interpretation of each.