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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Saturday, 8:30 AM.  35 degrees F at the ferry dock, 31 on the back porch. The sky is overcast, the  wind variable and calm,  the humidity 93%.  The barometer stands at 29.75".  We may get rain later today and this evening, with a mix of weather and temperatures around 30 degrees or higher later in the week ahead.  Some sunshine would be welcome.
   Still recuperating from our respective operations, Joan and I spent much of yesterday watching the inauguration drama.  The new president promised that the transition of power would  not be from one administration or party to another, but from the government back to the people.  That was what the revolution was all about, and why so many politicians hate Donald Trump.
   God was invoked without fear of criticism, and Jesus' name was said without a snicker.  I think it's safe to say that political correctness in this country has taken a mortal hit, although it will still go through its death throes. 
   At last we have someone in charge who will speak the plain truth and not hide behind lawyerly phraseology and parsed words.  President Trump's inaugural speech was short, and abbreviated to bullet points almost as deadly as their namesake. It may be trite to say, but it's true; there's a new sheriff in town.
   I don't know about you, but I could not care less that Hollywood  didn't show up for the party.  They proved how inconsequential they really are, as did the Democrat congressmen who stayed away.  Neither were missed, but they sure missed a good time. It must feel like, as if you didn't go to the barn dance because you thought it would be too hokey, but then didn't have anything else to do on Saturday night.
   If Leftists stayed away, Middle America sure showed up.  High school marching bands and farm tractors instead of rocket launchers and tanks in the inaugural parade say more about America than anything else.  A lot of folks will make light of much of what was prosaic about the inauguration, but at heart that's what we loved.  Speak softly but ride a giant farm tractor.
   And what about the Anarchists and thugs who shouted obscenities, threw rocks and burned a couple of cop cars?
   They'd best get out of Dodge before sundown.

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