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Thursday, January 19, 2017



Thursday, 8:15 AM.   31 degrees F  both at the ferry dock and on the back porch.  Wind variable and calm.  The sky is overcast, the channel foggy, the roads slippery;  I heard a lot of ice breaking before first light, either ferries, fishing tugs or both, although I am pretty sure fishing boats are done for the winter.  The humidity is 93%, the barometer falling, now at 29.83".  The forecast is for similar weather into next week, the  temperatures plus or minus 30 degrees, with rain and snow showers.
   I thought "deplorable"  and "irredeemable" were the worst I could be called, but now, since President Elect Trump is being called illegitimate by everyone on the Left, I guess that makes those of us who voted for him illegitimate as well.
   Dad would have smiled wearily and shrugged it off.  Mom would have punched someone out.
   Fake News circulated by the Russians is certainly a serious issue these days. I have heard that Peyton Manning, retired  football quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, is having a sex change operation.  Or is that Chelsea Manning, the feminine rendition of the traitor Bradley Manning?
   Gotta check this one out.

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