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Monday, November 22, 2010

11/21/10 FOG

Monday, 8:15 AM. 28 degrees, wind W, calm. The sky is overcast and the barometer is down, predicting precipitation. I slept in this morning.
I went back out yesterday afternoon in freezing rain, but stayed in the woods closer to where I park the truck. There was lots of deer sign but nothing was moving. About 4:00 PM fog descended on the woods, almost instantaneously, as though a wet blanket had been thrown over us. A grouse flushed nearby and I thought perhaps a deer was approaching but there was no other movement. Shortly after, a diminutive ermine, a weasel in its winter coat, scampered by, itself on the hunt. As the gloom thickened, I groped my way back to the truck. Once home, a hot fire and a brandy sure felt good.
I have a tree board meeting today at which I will announce we were successful in our matching grant request to the DNR for funds to update the city’s tree inventory. Then I will go out to the woods for the last hour or so of the day.

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