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Thursday, November 25, 2010



Thursday, 10:00 AM. 16 degrees, wind S, moderate with stronger gusts. We have three or four inches of crusty new snow which I have just finished clearing from drive, walks and deck. The skies are mostly sunny, and the barometer is up, predicting more of the same.
Yesterday afternoon in the woods can best be described as sullen; leaden skies, cold, damp, with a biting wind out of the NE. My plan was to stand along the old logging road, as the snow makes walking pretty arduous, and if the deer move at all they will have to eventually cross it. Nothing…until just as the gloom was deepening to darkness, I saw movement to my right. It was a large deer, cautiously crossing the road about sixty yards away. Perhaps a buck. I put the scope on it but its head was down, almost to the ground, and it was just entering the vegetation on the side of the trail. I could not be sure it was a buck. I walked slowly towards where the deer had entered the woods but I did not see it again.
We are alone for Thanksgiving this year, and will eat turkey and all the trimmings late, so I will most likely go out again later in the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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