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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 LESSONS


Tuesday , 8:00 AM. 35 degrees, wind NW, moderate. It rained all night and there is 1” in the rain gage. Most of the ice is melted from city roads. Chequamegon Bay off Ashland had a lot of ice yesterday but at this rate it may soon be gone. The barometer predicts more precipitation.
Lucky’s visit to the vet resulted in an antihistamine for his cough, which is probably an allergy, an antibiotic for bacterial tooth plaque, and a huge bill for complete blood work which in essence said he was generally healthy but getting to be a pretty old dog. There’s a lesson somewhere there for myself.
There are still flocks of migrating tundra swans landing on the Bay, this one comprised of more gray young of the year than mature, white plumaged birds.
I was rather appalled to see a whole flock of small ducks (can’t say whether they were golden eyes or teal or what, since they were very dead) frozen in the ice. Evidently they landed safely in open water, which entrapped them as it imperceptively froze them in. Sounds like the national debt, or my credit cards. Another lesson to be learned.

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