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Friday, January 25, 2013


Friday, 9:00 AM.  10 degrees F, wind SW, calm at resent, with good sized snow flakes falling straight down, and chimney smoke wafting straight up. I shoveled several inches of new snow this morning.  The humidity is 89%, and the barometer is trending down, at 29.91 in.
    Yesterday  evening I watched a supposedly humorous, but truly sickening,TV add celebrating forty years of Roe v Wade (legalizing almost any kind of abortion in the United States of America).  I have always looked at abortion “rights” as a sort of sadly necessary last resort for women who have an unwanted pregnancy and no other way out.  Before R v W abortion wasn’t talked about much as it was a semi-secret procedure done in private and early in a pregnancy.  But it has gone steadily from  last resort to  first resort, an in-your-face, legal and publicly funded procedure right up to killing the baby (that is the little secret we are always  dealing with here) in the birth canal.  The later is to me no different than infanticide, which we denounce as barbaric in other cultures, such as China and India.  This can be looked at as a religious issue, a moral issue or a political issue and usually exhibits elements of each and is therefore very easy to declare as unsolvable.
    I would like to introduce another factor into the mix; economic.  Social security and Medicare are going broke because we have a declining base of participants.  We have an aging workforce that cannot or will not do much of the physically hard or unpleasant work of the economy, so we accept illegal immigration with all its attendant problems as inevitable.  Without R v W we would have had the natural population growth necessary to render both those huge problems solved, or at least stabilized.  55,000,000 potential American citizens killed in the past forty years, perhaps 10,000,000 illegal immigrants … those are huge numbers, which history is not going to allow us to ignore.  Religion aside, do we really wish to be infanticide dependent societies like China, India and, yes, our old nemesis Russia? Russia is stagnating and shrinking largely because of this issue, and Europe cannot maintain  its population and has become dependent upon immigration, legal and illegal, mostly from societies that cannot or will not be assimilated.  Birth control is another, related topic, about which there are other arguments,  but abortion and infanticide are by anyone’s logic or morality poor and unacceptable substitutes for it, and every society, ours included, eventually suffers the consequences of its actions and beliefs.
    The President and his Administration have enjoyed a field day of left wing elation over the Roe v. Wade fortieth anniversary.  But they can’t or won’t admit to the havoc it has wrought.  It is an anniversary worthy of shame, not of celebration. 

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