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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Saturday, 10:00 AM.  26 degrees F, wind WSW, light.  The sky is clear, the humidity 79%, the barometer at 30.04 in.  The soft colors of dawn were reflected in the congealing waters of the west channel this morning, pinks and oranges and purples hardened into a sheen of  iridescent green.  As the sun rose the thin coat of ice quickly melted and the bay is again clear all the way to Washburn, twelve miles to the south. 
    The lower Chequamegon Bay is now ice covered from Ashland to Washburn, the ice as far north as  the south channel, which lies between Long Island and Madeline Island. 
Andy and Judy and Joan and I went to The Village Inn  at Cornucopia for fish fry last night, joined by mutual friend Myron.  The fish choice was lake trout, whitefish and herring, all fresh from the lake that morning.  I had the herring, which I find every bit as good as the other fish, although it is a seasonal catch and not always available. 
    Andy and Judy left for home after breakfast this morning, and the last time I checked all of us were in possession of our teeth.

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