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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Monday, 9:00 AM.  14 degrees F, wind from the north at high elevation, calm at ground level.  Humidity is 73%, the barometer stands at 30.14 In.  there was hardly a dawn at all, massive black clouds on the southeast and southern horizons rendering the morning almost as black, but it has brightened up considerably, although there is still a dichotomy between mostly clear blue skies to the north and black to the south.  The city streets are snow packed and icy, and I carried my sharp, metal pointed cane to negotiate the worst spots. I kind of like carrying a cane in the winter, it is good for a lot of things, and it feels good to have it in my hand.
        Yesterday they were setting up for the ice races on the bay in Ashland, just off Maslewski Park. Stock car races on ice, they provide some winter diversion.  We will have to watch them sometime.  Folks watch from their cars in the park, or drive out onto the ice.
        Yesterday I overheard a conversation at the gas station that went something like this: “Of course we should increase the taxes on the rich.  Sock it to ‘em.  They have way more than they deserve!”  “You really think so?”  “Damn right!  They have increased their wealth 240% since Reagan was president.”
        I kept out of the conversation, but couldn’t help but think, here we are right back where we were as a society sixty years ago, enamored with socialism and filled with envy and resentment.  And the little guy who was so abundantly filled with obvious hatred for anyone who had more than himself makes his living by doing odd jobs for the folks in the big houses on the lake.  And charges plenty.  And I suspect gets food stamps and every other welfare opportunity available.  And pays no taxes at all. 
        We are in a deep hole, led there by self serving, power hungry politicians, and it will take us a decade, maybe a generation, to climb back out. 
        And as for the “fiscal cliff” nonsense, there is no leadership, no common sense, no respect, and no patriotism; only politics.

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