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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wednesday, 8:45 AM.  28 degrees F, wind W, light.  Humidity 86%, barometer 29.60, down from yesterday.  1” of snow fell last night.  It is another dark morning and it looks like it may stay that way, although yesterday’s gloom cleared nicely by mid morning.
    The discussion on gun control is now virtually on hold until after the President makes his statements regarding executive orders on the subject today.  In the meantime, New York’s Governor Cuomo has ranted, raved and rammed though new restrictive gun laws for what is already one of the most gun-regulated states.  There has been a literal stampede by politicians of all stripes to be on what they perceive as the most popular side of this issue, and rationality and the Second Amendment be damned. 
I do not wish to trivialize or over simplify this thorny issue, but let me point out just one poorly thought out aspect of the New York legislation, and that is the new legal limit for the amount of bullets a hand gun can hold.  I am no expert on guns of any kind and don’t at present own a pistol, but I know that most revolvers hold only six shots, so the new legal limit of seven shots applies to automatic pistols, which are the most popular for self and home defense, and many if not most of these hold more than the new legal limit.  Therefore I assume most handguns are now illegal in New York State, unless the magazine is modified to hold only the legal number of bullets.  O.K. so far, perhaps.
    But how is this law to be enforced?  By authorities pounding on the door in the middle of the night, because that is when people are most likely to be found at home?  And then demanding an immediate inspection of weapons on the premises? 
First, what a great opportunity for thieves and home invaders to seek entrance.  Second,  if a gun is found to be illegal, is it then confiscated on site?  Third, will criminals and crazy people pay any attention to this law?  Fourth, if an intruder or attacker is shot more than the legal number of times,  will the homeowner or person being mugged on the street be found more guilty than his or her attacker?  Responsible legislation should be carefully considered, not rushed through in an emotional frenzy.
    To use some old fashioned, gun-tottin’ language, don’t shoot from the hip.

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