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Monday, January 7, 2013


Monday, 8:00 AM.  27 degrees F, wind SW, moderate with strong gusts.  Humidity 75%, barometer 29.83 in.  Dawn was fiery brushstrokes of vivid red, orange, and green streaked across a smoky sky.  As the sun burst upon the canvas the artwork vanished, replaced by a clear blue sky adorned with a few tentative clouds.
    Yesterday, despite the morning darkness, turned out to be a beautiful day,  which should be a warning about dire predictions.  The demarcation between snow covered ice and open water on Cheqamegon Bay is now a line running east and west between Houghton Point, a few miles north of Washburn, to about the lighthouse at the northern tip of Long Island.
    I see the iconic French  actor Depardeau has been welcomed by Prime Minister of Russia Putin as an expatriot of France.  At least his millions have been welcomed.  France is paying a heavy price in lost taxes to be rid of him but  it is probably worth it.  We could take a lesson from France, as we could stand to be rid of a few millionaire actors as well. I think seriously raising taxes on Hollywood is a great idea!
    We have appointments in Duluth today and have to be off.  It is a fine day to travel.

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