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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Saturday, 9:00 AM.  14 degrees, wind W, calm at present.  A few fluffy snowflakes are falling straight down, on top of an inch or two that fell earlier.  Humidity is 83%, and the barometer has risen  to 30.40 in.
    The President hasn’t said much about “spreading the wealth” lately but I am sure it is still high on his to-do list.  With that in mind I have a proposal that would help him accomplish that goal.  Since Washington, DC absorbs a great percentage of the nation’s wealth, attracting billions of dollars annually in lobbyist and special interest money (it is said that GE alone spends over $100,000 each day on buying influence or rewarding its friends in DC while paying no federal taxes), and in view of the fact that the counties surrounding the capital are the wealthiest in the nation, I propose moving the capital to a more central location in the nation, say Fargo, ND for starters. 
    The capital could be moved every ten years or so to another deserving site, of which there are many…Marquette, Michigan; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Abilene Texas; to name a few more. I would rule out Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, probably Portland as well.   Of course all the monuments and office buildings could stay where they are, but the center of power…President, Congress and the Supreme Court… would be peripatetic.  Congressmen would not be tempted to move from their home districts to the frozen fleshpots of the plains, the President and the Supremes would be refreshingly closer to the people and might actually learn something about the nation, and best of all the lobbyists and other influence peddlers would be much less likely to spend time where they would freeze their butts off and couldn’t easily land their private jets.
    I suppose this sensible suggestion will be ignored as have so many others, but come on, Mr. President, let’s spread some of that DC wealth around!

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