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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Thursday, 9:00 AM.  –3 degrees F, wind W, calm with occasional light gusts.  The barometer has risen to 30.72 in. and the sky is clear, but the humidity is still 83%.  It snowed a few more inches last night, and it is beginning to be difficult to know where to put some of it, although it looks as though it has finally stopped.  The sun is so bright and the endless white snowscape so reflective that it makes one squint, and I almost got my sunglasses out of the truck while shoveling snow this morning.
    The channel is frozen over and snow covered now, the ferries struggling  along their ice clogged pathways.  It looks like we will have an ice road this winter.
    We had to go to Ashland yesterday afternoon, which turned out to be a near blizzard and whiteout, with two cars in the ditch just south of Bayfield as we left town.  One vehicle disappeared down a steep embankment and into a small ravine, and still hadn’t been extricated by the time we returned, and wouldn’t you know it as we slowed down for the wrecker a car passed us going up the hill, entirely in the opposite lane and not slowing down a bit. Poor visibility, slick roads and driving too fast for conditions can spell disaster.  And going off the road in frigid weather is no fun even if there is no significant damage. 
It’s all rather analogous to Congress, the Administration and the national debt

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