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Sunday, August 19, 2012




Sunday, 8:00 AM.  62 degrees F, wind W, light.  The sky is virtually cloudless, the humidity 45% and the barometer high.  It looks like a "perfect ten" day.  Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a few brief showers that left only some puddles in the driveway, but were welcome just the same.
    Yesterday morning we were dismayed to see garbage strewn from one end of our block on Tenth St. to the other, a truly disgusting mess.  A young man who shall remain anonymous had left his old pickup truck packed with garbage on the street overnight (Why? Who’s was it? Where was he taking it? How long had it been there?  Who knows?). And our resourceful bear opened the back of  the truck, got in and pulled it all out and ate any and all of the good stuff.  Now, I admit that this is an annoying bear, but it is also very smart, as he had to turn a handle and lift the back window to get inside.  The word is out that he graduated top in his class in bite school ( Old BU, Bruin University), where he majored in Dumpster Diving.  He was  an accomplished athlete, and set the state record in the Garbage Toss.
     I also think it is a Republican bear and can read, as the old truck sports Obama stickers and various left wing manifestos.  I hasten to say that I disapprove of campaign tactics of this sort, no matter whether from the left or the right.
     So I will denounce the bear as not a true Republican, but a member of some radical fringe element, such as the Trash Party.
    On the other hand, if he were a candidate for office one could be assured that he would aggressively pursue his agenda. Perhaps he should be a write in candidate for Senator. I don’t know how he would handle a news conference; probably any way he wanted to. 

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