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Thursday, August 30, 2012






Thursday, 8:00 AM.  73 degrees F, wind WSW, light with stronger gusts.  The sky is almost cloudless but there is a lot of haze, the humidity is 54% and the barometer predicts rain.  It looks like a front is moving in from the west, and it will probably be a rather hot, muggy day.
   I have a meeting regarding residents who want to cut city and other trees to improve their views of the lake.  This whole subject is a tar baby, and once broached everyone is stuck in the mess.  I'll keep you infomed.
   The red '06 Chevy pickup truck got traded in on a silver '08 Honda Ridgeline.  I need a truck, but the standard pickup was more truck than I needed.  The Ridgeline is smaller all the way around, has a more car-like ride and handling and is easier to get in and out of. It also has four doors, and some nice amenities for old folks, such as the dual acting tailgate that makes loading and unloading many things much easier.  We use the truck for all our traveling, and a better ride and improved gas mileage should be a boon.  Nothing wrong with the Chevy, though, it served us well.
   We watched the Republican Convention last evening and the speeches were by and large on target, and some quite inspiring.  Paul Ryan came across not as a policy wonk but as a well rounded and philosophically grounded candidate. Condolisa Rice was amazingly passionate in defense of our founding principles and the promise of America, and Susana Martinez, the Latina Governor of New Mexico, blew everyone away with her story and that of her family.  We are a nation of immigrants, a resourceful, upbeat, self-reliant people.  When we stray from what and who we are, we loose our way.  And we have been led badly astray!

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