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Wednesday, August 29, 2012




Wednesday, 8:15 AM.  67 degrees, wind WSW, calm.  The sky is cloudless, the humidity 57%, and the barometer has begun to trend down.  There is the usual haze in the east.  It should be a seasonably warm but pleasant day.
    Buddy has a new companion, Peppermint Patty, Sherman and Jane’s beagle/springer mix.  They make a cute pair and run like the wind together.  The puppy has a hard time keeping up, but in another couple of months her legs will be as long as his and she will give him a run for his money.
    The first real manufacturing in America was that of guns; they were an absolute necessity for hunting, self-protection and warfare, and during Colonial times had to be imported from Europe.  That all changed with the Revolution, and it was the guns of the east that won the west.  Iconic names like Colt and Remington still are manufactured in New York and Massachusetts,
    That may change with impending legislation in those states that will mandate that identification marks specific to each firearm made be microscopically engraved on the firing pin.  This to ostensibly help identify guns used in crimes.  Whether this is important or not is doubtful, since this is not national, but state legislation.
    It seems more likely to me that it is merely a new facet of anti-gun and anti-gun owner legislation that is typical of many mostly eastern, ultra-liberal states of the Union.  The gun manufacturers are complaining loudly about this latest intrusion into their business, and are talking about moving to western states that do not have an anti-gun bias. 
    Firearms manufacturing, although highly skilled, does not employ a lot of people and New York and Massachusetts may well decide to force them out to placate their left-wing element.  But the issue is, I fear, emblematic of the anti-business, busybody, “you’ll do as the government says,” attitude of the liberal establishment. 
    In my lifetime I have seen all kinds and types of businesses move out of state, or even out of country, because of such harassment.  I am still wondering when Gibson Guitar Company will leave our shores because of the idiotic bullying of the Obama administration. 
    In any case, the guns that won the west may end up being made there.  "Go West, young gun!"

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