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Friday, February 8, 2013


Friday, 8:45 AM.  17 degrees F, wind W, light with occasional gusts.  A few snowflakes are falling on top of the couple of inches that fell last night.  It has been a dark, murky morning thus far but just now a large patch of blue sky has opened overhead, with clouds moving from northeast to southwest. The humidity is 83%.
     The barometer has risen to 30.43 in., so we will hopefully have a sunny day.  That would be welcome, since I was grousing to myself earlier about our world looking like a black and white photograph; white, white snow, white birch trees, stark black trunks and branches of oaks and maples and great, black-green globs of pines. Hopefully we will get a sunny day or two before the big snowstorm that is predicted for Sunday. 
    One benefit of all the snow is that it is excellent insulation, piled around the house and upon the roof.  The house easily stays warm, and a fire in the fireplace in the evening makes us cheerfully cozy.  But a sunny day would be nice.

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