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Friday, February 15, 2013


Friday, 9:00 AM.  15 degrees up here on the bluff, colder downtown.  Wind W, moderate with stronger gusts. The barometer has risen to 30.25 and the humidity has dropped to 73%.
    The sun has struggled upward through the clouds on the eastern horizon and now shines, silver, through them.  The channel reflects the silver sun and is imprinted with the shadows of the clouds.  Pendant icicles shine silver along the edges of the roof. There is a nip in the air but also the promise of a decent day.  In any case, it is the day that we have got.
    The media commentators were still pontificating last night on the supposedly career ending effects of  Senator Rubio’s  shaky Republican response to the President’s State of the Union address.  Chris Mathews was over-the-top derogatory and demeaning.  I can only hope they will pay the price via a backlash by more reasonable viewers. 
    I do not blame Senator Rubio for his obviously faulty performance; I blame the Republican Party hacks who set him up, I hope not on purpose.  This is the second time this has been done, a repeat of Louisiana Governor Jindal’s weak performance four years ago (without the errant drink of water) 
    For God’s sake, don’t put an inexperienced speaker, or any speaker, naked in front of a TV camera with no podium to put restless hands on, with no audience to reflect encouragement, and without the necessary glass of water within reach and hidden.  And if one is unfamiliar with TV prompters it would be better to use notes like any ordinary speaker.
    Something this important has to be done well or not at all, and if the young lions aren’t ready for the task it should be given to someone more reliable and polished, even if not as preeminent.  I am beginning to think Gov.Jindal’s comment last week was correct: the Republican party has to stop being stupid. 

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